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Over 25 Years Of Experience

Whether you are looking to increase sales locally, regionally, nationally or internationally, CMS will build the best marketing strategy with your goals in mind. 

Please contact us below or call us at 833-725-3742

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Website Design and Build

WE DESIGN, HOST AND MANAGE WEBSITES for all industries, creating beautiful professionalism on all technological platforms. Whether you are targeting local customers, or looking to sell your goods or services nationally/internationally directly from your site, we can do it.  Learn More

Social Media Michigan

NEW CUSTOMER/CLIENT FOCUS PROGRAM: We gain new targeted followers (Twitter/Facebook) in mass, based on those who have shown interest in your type of products/services. Then, we engage with them to encourage them to buy, even before any "posts" are made.  Learn More

Internet Advertising

WE PLACE ADS ACROSS ALL MAJOR SEARCH ENGINES, targeted at people who are looking for what YOU offer. Then we continually manage, monitor and adjust them for optimum success.  Learn More

Apple Pay Michigan

A STRONG CUSTOMER LOYALTY PROGRAM IS CRUCIAL. Our systems are tailor made to fit YOUR needs. Whether you need database growth, an email marketing platform, text marketing platform, text code registration, a loyalty rewards program, gift card offerings, or all of the above and more, we can do it.  Learn More 

WE INCREASE SEARCH ENGINE RESULTS FOR YOUR WEBSITE.  Targeting "first page" results, greatly increases the possibility that those looking for what you do will find YOU. Local, Regional and National programs available.  Learn More

SALES TRAINING/COACHING & SUPPORT. Looking to take your sales team to the next level? We can help Learn More

Well Positioned For ALL Industries

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