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All Included For One Low Monthly Flat Fee

Gift card processing
Loyalty Progarms
Rewards Programs Michigan
Customer Rewards Programs Michigan


Your own branded program. Call it whatever you like: Rewards, Frequent Diner, Preferred Customer, Fine Diner, VIP, Frequent Shopper, Platinum, etc.


CARD AND CARDLESS: Offer your customers both card and cardless options to please everyone. Transact with their card or phone number.  Card/Account works at one or multiple locations.

BRING THEM BACK REWARDS: Percentage earned on every dollar to spend like cash on future visit(s). Easy to understand, and no multiple trip and waiting to earn something disincentive like less effective “Points” and “Punch Card” programs.


MULTIPLE CUSTOMER SIGN-UP OPTIONS: Customers register quickly via Text or Online, instantly putting them in your database so you don't have to do it (Paper form option available for those who do not use technology). IPad/Tablet sign-up option available as well.   


CUSTOMER LOGIN & TECH SUPPORT: Customers get their own login account to check balances, see previous rewards transactions, and update their profiles (Email address etc.) If they have registration or tech issues, we handle it via our support link. We handle all tech so you don’t have to!



Process Gift Cards. Separate Gift and Rewards Cards, or one combined “Gift and Rewards” card (Two balances). One card usable at one or limitless locations. 



Automatically builds your database as customers sign up. We can upload transfer your existing database.


RUN REPORTS: Run numerous reports and target marketing based on many demographics including expenditures, visits, sex, address, last visit, etc. Reports of all transactions, redemptions, balances, etc.




AUTOMATED EMAIL OFFERS: Automatically send emails and offers to people on their Birthdays and/or Anniversaries. We also send next day “Thank You” emails with balance earned for future visits. And don’t let people forget about you. We can program a “We’ve Missed You” email that automatically sends to people who have not been in in a certain amount of time (Choose 30/60/90/180/365 days). Build in auto-trigger rewards options that go onto the customer’s account that expire if not used.


YOU SEND EMAILS: Send unlimited emails to your customers. Over 40 pre-made Holiday and event focused email templates, and the option to build from scratch.



Send text message offers to those who ask for them. 1000 included a month. (More for additional charge).



Includes your own personal support rep to provide any training you might need to guide you along the way. Work with Non-Profits, Set-Up specific days and times rewards specials, and… Much Much More!





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Loyalty Marketing Michigan

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